Yea man. So super stoked to get this album out. I can’t really talk about it though, legalities. (; 

Yea, I could tell! Dig it. I love For Baltimore and So Long Solider. Great stuff.

Dammit! You just made me curious. Guess I gotta wait, huh?

Thanks, man! We’re pretty proud of For Baltimore, my fav’s Backseat Serenade though

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That’s what I meant hahaha. Obviously missed the South Park reference. (;

Oh. Oh? Ohh. OF COURSE. How could I be so stupid


Is he fucking Hitler?

He might be fucking Hitler, seeing they’re both in Hell.


Hey guys, the prophecy is true! I died & the wifi in Hell is AMAZING.

I know right!? And the devil is one sexy beast

You better watch out

You better not cry

You better not pout I’m telling you

Santa Clause is cumming, tonight


Same! Just settled down at home not too long ago after my band’s headliner. Prepping for our album release. How’s yours doing now? It blew me away dude, you guys have really outdone yourselves on this one!

Prepping for your album release? Tell me! It has to be good, I’m sure of that. Thanks tho, dude. Ours doing pretty good, especially after our last one. We kinda went back to our ”old sound”, when we first started

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Your as- Eh.. hair looks very nice, there